Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finally finding time

Time is in short supply here at home. I have done it though, I have found some time to create.....YAY!!! I made one Necklace last night (pictures coming soon)working on some earrings, and possibly a ring too. I have also decided to venture into bookmark making. They turn out very cute and classy, I am thinking of selling them for $10. They will be a silver or gold book mark decorated with jewels. They will be very cute and a perfect gift. So definately keep your eyes open for that. I am also very busy trying to find purple pearls for some bridesmaid necklaces, do you know how hard it is to find purple pearls? Yeah I didn't know either until now. If there is one thing I know though when I am determined to do something it gets done. Yay my followers are starting to pick up. My goal is 75 and once I hit that I will start having giveaways, features, and also some how to craft ideas. I mean this blog is named Simply Unique Kreations.....anything unique is a great addition. Till next time