Thursday, December 3, 2009

Its Almost Friday

Wow the time is flying by I can't believe it is already almost friday, I swear it was just monday yesterday.....Now don't get me wrong there is no complaints here, I am glad, but dang its going too fast. I have added a new soap to my store. It is a completely customizable soap, you get to pick the shape, color, and scent. I have so many new items I want to put up in my shop, but I am currently waiting to clear out some of the old stuff. So I started up a clearance section. If you haven't yet go check it out, Also big Thank You to Donna who just recently purchased one of my ring and she wrote me a very nice letter to tell me how much she loves it. I couldn't be happier, now I know my hard work and passion has paid off for yet another happy customer. Tomorrow is Feature Friday so come back and see who will be on here with their fabulous stuff.



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