Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Features

Here are some great etsy stores to check out. They are so unique have some of the best items. Each and every shop is full of talented handmade gifts and items. Hope you enjoy looking at these. Be sure to check out their entire shop for some great finds.

Argyle and Snowflake Sock Monkey by Dropkicktims

Organically Lined Flannel Baby Shoes by SKNaturals
SK Naturals

Swiss Cheese Felted Scarf by fiberpuppy

Blue Arm Warmers by Sevensails
Seven Sails

Midnight Heart Stained Glass Necklace by Gathering Stars


  1. What a great swiss cheese scarf!! It made me laugh! And the stained glass necklace is grand.

  2. i love sock monkey!!! but then I love fake monkeys...not a fan of real ones! great finds! I love making shopping lists!