Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Revamping Process

I have decided to do a whole entire revamp of this blog. I sat down the other day and thought to myself why can't I keep up on blogging, then it hit me, I hate doing stuff for myself. I know it sounds very bizarre but its true. I never shop unless I absolutely need it for myself, and even then I always come home with things for everyone else in the family. So Here is the new and improved Simply Unique Kreations. I am now going to take to places like Etsy, 1000 market, artfire etc. and I will find good unique items, or even just beautiful pieces of art. So you will no longer be reading about my etsy journey, but now you will read everyone elses journeys and products. Hopefully I can push some sales and views towards everyone.

I will also start having some crafting ideas to add to it. So hopefully you will enjoy this new blogging sensation as much as I enjoy researching for it.

To start it off

Check out these awesome personalized childrens books

This is a personalized zoo book
By Lets Personalize

I love this idea just think of how cute this would be to give as a gift for a first bday.

Visit their shop to see the many more cool books and products they carry

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