Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday mondaaayyy

Well has anyone else noticed how quickly Mondays come now? I swear mondays come and go so quickly I can't even keep my weeks straight. I have some great new products coming out just in time for my Grand opening event. Homemade dog treats made with whole wheat flour, natural peanut butter, milk (broth can be substituted) and baking powder. They can be customized with a white choc coating, carob which looks like chocolate, or nothing at all. Also we are introducing our customized homemade gift cards. You can pair any gift card with any piece of jewelry and we can ship anywhere you need. Its the perfect gift, a card with jewelry attached. Colors and jewelry can be customized to what you would want. We are now offering free shipping forever meaning you will never pay for shipping on any purchase. Don't forget my Grand Opening Event starts this Friday at midnight. 30% off all products and you get a free gift with every purchase. So please check me out. Till then

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  1. The dog treats sound great!